Valley LEAP


Create a civil society infrastructure for a sustainable popular democracy. Develop a culture of active civic participation, community accountability and social justice for a healthy, strong and vibrant San Joaquin Valley.


Engage San Joaquin Valley communities to increase social justice awareness, strengthen grassroots leadership for the empowerment of Latinos, Immigrants and youth to achieve environmental sustainable justice while improving community health


COMMUNITY — Create locally focused community partnerships between workforce, social, mental health providing orgs, community residents, EJ leaders and other entities, including governmental agencies to mitigate or eliminate local pollution and the impacts thereof.

HEALTH — Collaborate with agencies, organizations, other grassroots groups, policy makers and industry to advance the environmental health of all through the adoption of enforceable measures, alternative technologies, renewable energy and necessary resources.

ADVOCACY Prevent accumulation of pollution sources in and around Latino communities through community based campaigns to avoid the perpetuation of disproportionate impacts on the most vulnerable in society, the politically disenfranchised, the low-income and people of color.

LEADERSHIP — Develop leadership for a healthy popular participatory democracy in Valley Latino communities. Build capacity from the individual to the regional via community action committees, networks and coalitions to effectively engage in land use planning and regional policy processes.

EMPOWERMENT — Build new leaders to become public representatives for their families, neighborhoods and communities at a regional and statewide level for environmental justice.